Berry Creek Park & Community Center




Located at 300 Rockerfeller Road in Berry Creek, the brand new 15-acre Berry Creek Park & Community Center is the result of many years of dedicated behind-the-scenes work by local residents, as well as a more recent collaboration between the Berry Creek Community Association, the Pioneer Union Elementary School District, and the Feather River Recreation and Park District.

The Park is currently being developed; some of the recent additions are a cedar entry "hoop" that holds the park sign (see picture above), 10 concrete picnic tables, and the initial phase of a stage that will host various performances.  Some planned improvements are a large "Welcome To Berry Creek" sign, various sports fields, and hiking and biking trails.  The grounds themselves are looking wonderful, thanks in large part to hundreds of volunteer hours spent doing fire-reduction work.

The Community Center has gotten a major facelift since it's last role as the Bald Rock Community Day School - fresh paint inside and out, structural improvements, and some long-needed TLC have made it a warm inviting home for several local groups, including the Berry Creek Community Association and Art First Saturday.  We're hoping that other local groups will take advantage of this new facility and make a home for themselves here as well.

If you're interested in using the Community Center for an activity or as a home base for your organization, or would like to become involved with the development of the Park and Community Center, please send an email to